SHE’S DEAD TO ME!!!: Jilted Lover Converts Ex-Girlfriend’s Face Tattoo Into A Rotten Corpse

When a couple broke up, the man who had an arm-length tattoo of Jennifer, the woman he obviously expected to be with forever, turned into a death skull and posted pictures of the process.

Jennifer, whose name was erased from the tattoo, became a rotten corpse.

Perhaps assuming that it would be extremely painful- and costly- to remove Jennifer’s detailed face in it’s entirety, the ex decided to go a more negative route.
The man, whose name has not been released, decided that this was easier and cheaper than having the tattoo lasered off.

It is not known if the original tattoo artist performed the “cover-up.”
They turned the picture of a very-much alive Jennifer into a rotting skeleton draped in a red shawl, making both her face and name no longer recognizable.

The tattooed individual, whose name has not been released, posted a three-way picture of the process online saying that it was a ‘good example of how to deal with ex girlfriend tattoo’.

Given the context, it seems fairly clear that the relationship won’t be rekindled anytime soon.

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