BIZARRE TALENTS!!!: Female Footballers Dangle Boobs On The Field At First-Ever Naked European Championships

We have read about the World’s first naked book club….READ THE STORY HERE if you missed it
And here is another crazy, bizarre one:

Reports from Germany say female players have displayed ball skills at the first-ever naked European Championships, and there were boobs bobbing like buoys on a billous sea than England’s U-21 flops as teams from across the Continent gathered and got their kit off at the tournament.

Spectators were said to be more interested in looking at the wanton display of nakedness than the Beckham-like free-kicks, expectedly so! At a point in the game, even the male referee stripped for the occasion, when the erotic exposure came to a head.

Representatives from Italy, France, Sweden and Germany tussled in the buff on the astroturf at Berlin’s Palais am Funkturm.

As far as tactics go, most sides unsurprisingly opted to play with two up front, although there did seem to be more than the usual number of strikers.

As for a result, they were all declared winners…

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