ROLE MODELS? FAR FROM IT!!!: Meet 5 Women Who Give Women A Bad Name

We have a tiny handful of ladies we see in the media every day who should be using their fame and money for good, but they are not! Disturbingly so. What they are adept at perpetuating are mere terrible female stereotypes.These are the ladies that make us shake our heads in astonishment and disgust when we hear about how they cheat, knock up disgraceful larks and expose their assets.  Were ladies immediately doomed when Eve bit the apple? Here are the five women who give the rest of the ladies a bad name, in no particular order.


Hilda Amata was (or is still) Ruke Amata’s wife. This is the woman Ruke must have contemplated sending to be screened for HIV virus. Why, you ask me in fury? CLICK HERE TO READ THE SECRET . The matter died a natural death. Both Ruke and Hilda have been uniformly silent since then, like a brand new Toyota engine!
Yes, if you want insect-infested boobs, Cossy has them in abundance. No, l lied! She has them in excess! But it is not the boobs l quarrel with, even though the sight of them sometimes gives me the feeling of a baby centipede crawling up my sweaty back. Truth to tell, it is the way she flaunts them with bold audacity that makes me bristle, as if somebody has dropped a lizard on my neck. But on a less frivolous note, Cossy Orjiakor is any morally-bankrupt woman’s nemesis. For you to appreciate the reason for the jolting indictment being hurled at Cossy: CLICK HERE
Next is perhaps the raunchiest Mama herself, Afrocandy, real name Judith Okpara Mazagwu. The US-based mother-of-two took the porn movies market by storm with her ‘Destructive Instinct’ and instinctively, all randy men began to crash the floor- CLICK TO SEE PROOF HERE. When it comes to open sex, Afrocandy is always at home. Indecency and immorality have become incontrovertibly characteristic of the 41-year-old mum. In a recent interview, she declared with morbid hilarity that she is not sex-starved CLICK TO READ IT HERE. Does reading that make you have a face that will turn sour, wait until you read this: CLICK HERE and also this: CLICK HERE AGAIN
Beverly Osu was not a name to conjure with before the last Big Brothel (sorry, Brother) Africa (themed ‘The Chase’). She, however, meandered through and shot herself into limelight, not because she was a former BBA housemate, but because of the only reason for which she became popular (notorious may be the proper word): she had open sex on live TV! Beverly came out of the house and, thinking those who watched the sex scene were some tailor’s dummies, denied having sex with Angelo. She realized too late that going to such an unexpected extent for the sake of filthy lucre is as devastating as if you were to charge a conservative Catholic with being pro-abortion…..Except we are using different lenses, she did have sex with Angelo CLICK TO SEE THE STUFF. Go….sin no more, Beverly!
 As l began to write this, l was un-reliably informed that Tonto Dikeh’s new boyfriend is a boxer. See Tonto’s fists in the picture. A beg, sorry, Tonto Dikeh didn’t make this list!


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