PLANE CRASH UPDATE: Another MIC Staff Dies, Airline Hostesses ‘Abandoned’ In Hospital

Efforts to save one of the six remaining survivors of the Associated Airlines plane crash in Lagos on Thursday, Samson Hassan, failed to yield dividends after all as he passed away in the hospital on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 15, with other five survivors still battling to stay alive.

The plane, which had 20 persons on board, was conveying the corpse of former Ondo State governor Olusegun Agagu to Akure for burial when it crashed few minutes after take-off in Lagos, en route Akure.

Hassan had, along with another survivor, Taiwo Akintunde, been kept under close watch at the highly sterilised Intensive Care Unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja.

The efforts of the medical personnel however proved unsuccessful as Hassan gave up the ghost on Saturday.

Embraer-AgaguAgagu son Feyi and aircraft

Hassan’s death was confirmed in a release said to have emanated from one Mrs Bolanle Okusanya-Feyita, who spoke on behalf of the Magbamawo Industrial Company (MIC) Royal Ltd, where Hassan was a member of staff.

It was earlier reported that the Chief Executive Mr Olatunji Okusanya, his son, Mr Olatunji Okusanya Jnr and four members of staff-Mr Akeem Akintunde, Mr Chijioke Duru and Mr Kingsley Amaechi had earlier lost their lives in the crash.

The only female survivor at LASUTH, Toyin Samson, who was at the Recuperating Ward of the Surgical Emergency ward was still stable, same as the duo of Feyi Agagu and Femi Akinsanya, who were at the BT unit.



Meanwhile, Associated Airline hostesses Toyin Samson and Queeneth Owolabi who are part of those who survived the crash and are currently receiving treatment for third degree burns at the Ikeja General Hospital, Lagos, are said to have been literally abandoned in the hospital.

A relative, Daligheri, revealed how the two crew members have been left un-catered for, despite that they are not from very wealthy background and cannot muster enough financial muscles for the treatment they are receiving.

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The tweets read:

“The Agagu simply extracted their own son and in law leaving a young girl from a poor home just doing her job to sort herself out”

“No one even bothered to help with their hospital bills talk less of visiting them in the hospital”

We just hope concerned authorities are reading this.

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