Lagos Woman Files For Divorce Because Husband Wanted Different Sex Position

A woman became extremely angry when her husband asked her to try a different sex position so she filed for divorce.

Toyin Ayinde, 50, appeared before the Lagos Family Court, and asked a judge to dissolve her marriage that lasted for 20 years.

She accuses her husband, Mudashiru, of being promiscuous.

Toyin Ayinde told the court that when she got married all was fine, but recently, her husband began demanding different sex positions, which she refuses to consider, saying she is not promiscuous.

The mother of three children, also told the court that her husband is a womanizer.

The woman alleges that 5 years ago, her husband had an affair with a hospital nurse while her child was receiving treatment for an illness.

Mudashiru Ayinde told the court that last year, he kicked out his wife from their home because she refused to have sex with him.

Mudashiru Ayinde also asked the court to dissolve his marriage. The judge however, advised the couple to reconsider their demands.

Credit: WWW

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