Software Giant Microsoft Ventures Into Marijuana Business

Software giant Microsoft has announced that it will partner with KIND Financial to promote software that will help the government keep track of the marijuana agricultural process in accordance with stringent state regulations, reports Tom Angell on

The partnership appears to be related to the access Microsoft has to the government contract market. In accordance with the deal, Microsoft will pitch the software to relevant government bodies.

Marijuana cultivation requires very strict monitoring from seed to sale, as well as a very intensive quality control process (The Influence reported on the mountain of red tape facing marijuana cultivators in Washington State earlier this year.) Each clone and seed gets a barcode or RFID tag. The software helps keep track of each plant so that it can be more easily recalled if there is a quality control issue.

Microsoft will not be making money directly from the sales of KIND Financial’s products, but will instead be using the partnership to generate traffic for its new Azure Government Cloud Servers, which are intended to be used by various government agencies.  KIND Financial is currently bidding on government contracts with the help of Microsoft.

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