Virgin Couple Hospitalized After Using Plastic Bag As A Condom

A couple were hospitalised after using a plastic bag as a condom because rather than go to the shop to buy some condoms, the boy decided to use the plastic bag.

The romantic pair, who were both virgins, were treated by medical experts at Hanoi Kidney Hospital in Vietnam.

Their horrific injuries included genital lesions, abrasions and bleeding.

News outlet Tuoi Tre spoke with doctor Nguyen The Luong, deputy director at the hospital, who confirmed the unnamed duo were both college students.

The medic said that the young man was too shy to buy condoms so opted to use the DIY contraceptive after much thought and consideration.

Following the injuries to their nether regions, the pair have been put on antibiotics.

The doctor explained that plastic bags are not suitable for romping sessions.

The report says: “As the plastic bag was rough and lacked elasticity and lubrication, the young couple ended up scratching their genitals to the point of bleeding.

“The lovebirds underwent a thorough check-up and were prescribed with antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.’

The news outlet reports that a disregard for safe sex is a problem in the south east Asian country.

Credit: The Sun

Rose Kelvin

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