You Won’t Believe This Lady Convinced Donald Trump To Carry Out Syria Missile Strike

Now it is on common knowledge that the US government recently rained down 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air base. Read it HERE if you missed it.

But what we didn’t know until now is that Donald Trump’s decision to  do so was sparked by his daughter Ivanka’s “heartbroken” response to Assad’s chemical attack, according to Info Wars.

Trump has long been inveighing against military intervention in Syria – both as a private citizen when he criticised Obama’s intervention in the region, and as President. However,  he decided to make a volte-face after being convinced by his daughter Ivanka’s impassioned response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on Tuesday.

A source close to the first family told Info Wars: “Increasingly, Ivanka is having more and more influence over her father.

“She often counsels her father and was very clear that action needed to be taken against Assad in some form.”

“Ivanka was infuriated over the lack of a direct response in the immediate aftermath of the Syrian attack.”

Responding the morning after Assad’s attack, The President’s eldest daughter tweeted: “Heartbroken and outraged by the images coming out of Syria following the atrocious chemical attack today.

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