Judge Wears Pro-Trump ‘MAGA’ Hat To Court- Then There Is The Devil To Pay

A Canadian judge is in the soup for wearing a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hat to court the day after President Donald Trump won last year’s presidential election.

Ontario court Justice Bernd Zabel wore the “MAGA” hat to court on Nov. 9 and declared his support for Trump.   He now faces a “public disciple hearing” for wearing the hat.

According to Toronto Star, the judge said in court: “Brief appearance with the hat. Pissed off the rest of the judges because they all voted for Hillary, so. I was the only Trump supporter up there but that’s okay.”

One week later, after his fellow justices were upset over the move, Zabel apologized in court for his “lapse in judgment” and a “breach of the principles of judicial office.”

“What I did was wrong. I wish to apologize for my misguided attempts to mark a moment in history by humour in the courtroom following the surprising results in the United States election,” he said.

“This gesture was not intended in any way as a political statement or endorsement of any political views, and, in particular, the views and comments of Donald Trump. I very much regret that it has been taken as such,” the justice explained.

Read more from Toronto Star.

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