Man Dressed As A Woman By His Girlfriend Wins Beauty Contest- But That’s Not The Best Part

A man who won a beauty contest after his girlfriend helped him transform into a woman has had his title stripped after organisers found out he was really a man.

20-year-old Anthony Nagorny won first prize after he blew away the judges of the women’s beauty competition in the Russian city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The photos were uploaded as an online entry to a competition held by a lingerie firm in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in the Sakhalinsk Oblast region of south-eastern Russia, and judges were blown away by the striking brunette in the pictures, who was eventually crowned the winner.

When judges realised the ‘woman’ in the pictures was actually male student Anthony Nagorny, they stripped him of his award.

 News has it that his girlfriend helped him with his hair and selected the four photos he eventually sent in to judges under the alias of Ms Avocado.

Anthony, a student at Sakhalin University, won the competition, but when the judges found out he was male, they withdrew the promised prize of a professional photoshoot.

The prize was a photo shoot with a professional photographer, which the judges withdrew after finding out the truth.

Lingerie firm manager Zhanna Stolpovskaya said: “This boy looked very much like a girl. As pics were free to upload, he decided to participate too.”

The winning prize will now be given to three female contestants to share.

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