40-Year-Old Security Guard On N25,000 Salary Steals N24.4Million- But There Is Another One Big Problem

A 40-year-old pastor identified as Alfred Andrew who allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the house of his employer got caught up by nemesis on May 6, 2017.

He was said to have used a spare key that was misplaced to gain entrance into his boss’ bedroom where he discovered bundles of foreign currencies which he is now assisting policemen attached to the Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Abuja to trace and recover.

On May 6, Pastor Andrew’s victim, a businessman identified as Benedict Emmanuel who lives at Gwarimpa Housing Estate, Abuja realized that some of his foreign currencies totaling N30million were missing and he decided to search everyone in the house.

It was then he discovered that Andrew, the security man whose monthly salary was N25, 000 was in possession of an IPhone 7 worth about N430, 000. Also found in his room were undisclosed amount of foreign currencies, bundles of naira and expensive designers clothes which he bought recently.

Emmanuel thereafter alerted operatives of IRT who picked Andrew up immediately. At the police station, he allegedly confessed to the crime and about N24 million was found in his bank account. He also took the police to an apartment he rented in another part of Abuja where his girlfriend lives. She was also found with expensive phones, which she claimed Andrew gave to her.

Andrew said, “That day, I was sweeping when I saw a key on the floor. I tried it on the padlock on my boss’ apartment and it opened. I went inside the house and was searching through his belongings when something fell on me from the top of his wardrobe.

“I then realised it was foreign currency. I climbed on a chair to see what was on the top of the wardrobe and noticed that there were currencies from different countries. They were so much. That was the first time I would see so much dollars. I have only seen such large amount in movies.

“I was tempted to take the money. Before, I had been hearing of whistle-blowers but I was not sure who to contact. I didn’t know who to report to. I didn’t have the number of the whistle-blowers (sic). I was scared. I didn’t know who to trust in Nigeria. I might tell someone and the person may turn things around against me.”

“I confirmed from someone the amount in the bundles. He said it was N130m after it was converted.  I didn’t touch that one because it was sealed. I was only taking from those bundles,” he said.

According to him, for over a month after he started stealing out of the currencies, his boss did not notice.

He said he noticed that each time his boss travelled out, he came back with more foreign currencies.

He said he only checked whenever his boss was away from home to see if the money had increased or decreased. But every time he went into the room, he was always tempted to take part of it.

“If you just pulled a small amount, by the time you count it, there might be more than thirty dollar notes,” he said.

He said, “I took some amount and converted it to N24.4m and put it in my account.

From the stolen money, Andrew also bought a brand new IPhone 7 worth N410, 000 for himself and IPhone 7 plus worth N430, 000 for his girlfriend. “I have suffered enough, so I decided to change my wardrobe. I bought new latest phones, designer clothes and rented an apartment in town. I was not able to wear any of the clothes before I was arrested. Police collected everything from me and I have returned the money in my account to my boss.”

On his arrest, Andrew said he was preparing to transfer the new ones he stole to the bank when suddenly; the man woke up and ordered that they should lock the gate as he was looking for his money. “I was terrified because I never saw it coming. I wanted to move out the money and clothes that very day. His sister who is a security personnel started searching everyone in the compound. It was the phone they saw with me that blew my cover. They searched the whole house and discovered everything.

“They packed my international passport, my ATM cards, bible and everything I had because I was living with them before handing me over to the police. I even threatened my boss that I am going to tell the police about the money I saw in his house and he said the money does not belong to him.”

On why he chose to steal from his boss, Andrew said he was bitter that after working for three years, he was yet to get salary increment. “I was shocked when I saw all those money and yet they find it difficult to pay us good salary.  His wife can never give us food even though they promised to feed us. It got so bad that I am the one feeding the dog in the house. When I started working for him, we agreed that they will increase our salary every year but they didn’t. I did not resign because there was no job in the country.

“I wanted to be a whistle blower but I do not trust anyone. My plan was to hang around till I find out the source of the money but unfortunately I was discovered.

My initial plan was to continuously check the money whether it is increasing or decreasing but each time I enter the room, I will be tempted to take some. The money was too much, that is why he did not notice that I was taking money for some months. I know what I did is wrong that’s why am begging for forgiveness.”

When further queried if he had done anything for his family, Andrew said that he couldn’t because they would have discovered that it was stolen. “My mother is a disciplined woman and she knows that my salary is N25, 000. Most importantly, my father is a retired military man. It is because I have not got a good job or found a good wife that I am still single at 40.

“After graduating from Government Secondary School, Bunguru in 1998, I gained admission into University of Jos where I studied Mass Communication and Information Technology. After university, I decided to go into the ministry and I started with Christ Embassy. I attended most of their Bible schools and while I was at it, I got jobs that were not paying me much.

“In 2008, I relocated to Abuja and went to Dunamis Bible School. I now went back to Evangelical Fire Ministry at Sani Abacha Estate in Abuja where I was employed as a pastor.

“I worked with them even when they moved over to Lanta in Plateau State but their ministry was not growing so it affected my salary. I relocated to Lagos where one of my relatives linked me with Oga Emmanuel, the man that I was working for before I was arrested.”

When asked if he invested the stolen money in the church, Andrew said that he was generous to the church. “I was very generous to the church because I know that one day I will go back and become a full time pastor.”

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