German Judge Gives Couple Strict Timetable For Smoking In Their Own Home

A German judge has ruled that a couple may only smoke on their patio at certain times of the day.

Their neighbours in Dortmund had complained the smoke was bothering next door.

Judge Steven Kensy decided the couple, known only as Dirk and Andrea D, can only smoke from 6am to 9am, 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 9pm, and midnight to 3am.

Judge Steven Kensy said this meant the neighbours can divide outdoor time between them.

‘I have balanced the two sides’ interests and come to the conclusion there must be an equal division,’ the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

But the smokers were incredulous, telling Bild the can ‘no longer understand the world’.

Andrea added: ‘In fact, we only smoke in the summer, from time to time. Next door has a grill and their visitors also smoke outside.

‘Soon our neighbors will determine what we can cook!’

The couple said they thought about moving homes but they do not have enough money to.

The complainants had complained in 2015 but had the case dismissed because the judge said there was ‘no material impairment’.

‘To air, my wife is already at night the alarm clock,’ one of the neighbours told BILD at the time.

‘The two of them are smoking one cigarette after another, and the smoke is coming over to us.’

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