UNICAL Student Allegedly Steals N300,000 From Fruit Seller

A 400 level student of the University of Calabar is currently undergoing interrogation by the State Housing Division of the Nigeria Police in Cross River State for allegedly stealing N300,000 from a fruit seller in Calabar.

Emma Dominic is reported to have secretly transferred the money using the mobile banking device on the fruit seller’s phone without her knowledge.

According to the fruit seller, whose identity has been concealed, Dominic had been her regular customer who later developed the habit of hanging around her.

She said that over time, Dominic started requesting for her phone to either upload music or play games, adding that she never suspected anything.

The fruit seller said the lid was blown off the matter when her partner went to the bank to withdraw some money from the Automated Teller Machine but discovered that there was insufficient fund in the account.

“Dominic has been coming around to my business environment and he patronises me frequently. He normally relaxes with my partner and me. It all started with his frequent patronage and friendliness. Most times, he will be in possession of my phone in the name of collecting music or movies. Sometimes, I do ask him to help charge my phone in a nearby barber’s shop.

“I have slightly over N300,000 in my account which I intended to use to sort out my academics. I finished school years ago, did my project, but didn’t have money for final clearance. The final clearance includes balance of school fees and other dues. So, I was saving the money for my final clearance.

“It was for that reason that I had to go into selling fruits in order to raise money. Recently my partner went to the bank to use the ATM to withdraw some money to solve an urgent issue and upon getting there, the machine kept telling him insufficient funds.

“We went to the bank (UBA Calabar Road branch) for enquiry and discovered that several recharge cards ranging from N5, 000 had been transferred from my account to another using my phone. When the records were shown to me, I discovered that Dominic was the one behind it. By then he had stopped coming around.

“I approached him one day when I saw him, but he denied it but when he saw that I was bent on creating scene, he agreed to follow me to the bank to prove his innocence. It was at the bank that his mobile number was revealed to be where the numerous recharge cards had been transferred to.”

She said that at the end of the interrogation by the police, Dominic owned up that he used the money to solve some problems.

Police sources said that several transactions done by Dominic from the fruit sellers account were within the period of May 16 to June 15, 2017.


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