Ecstatic Man Falls Off Bridge And Dies Moments After His Girlfriend Accepts Love Proposal

A man has died after falling off a bridge moments after proposing to his girlfriend.

The incident took place on the Irabu Bridge in Okinawa, Japan, and the man, who has not been named, is believed to be a local 32-year-old care worker.

The couple were driving along the picturesque 2.1-mile bridge, when the man asked his girlfriend, who was behind the wheel, to pull over.

He then surprised her with a proposal. After the woman said ‘yes’ to his proposal, the ecstatic man allegedly leapt over the 1.2m railing of the bridge to the other side. Unfortunately, he lost his grip and fell off the 30m-high bridge.

The girlfriend called the police immediately, but the man’s body was found by rescue divers only seven hours later.

This is apparently the first fatality on the Instagram-worthy Irabu bridge, which opened in 2015 and is the longest toll-free bridge in the country.

However, instead of reacting with shock and grief like regular folks, some netizens turned detective and cast doubts on the girlfriend’s account of the story.

They questioned if the woman could be trusted, given that she was the only eyewitness at the scene. Said one commenter: “Is it really true what the girl reported? Maybe she refused the marriage proposal and he jumped to death from the bridge?”

And there had to be those with none-too-comforting words to share:

“The girl is so unlucky, it should have happened after the marriage so that she would be able to get his insurance payout.”

“The girl is so lucky not to get married with such a careless, stupid man.”

So far, reports have given no reason to doubt her story. And if true, we can’t help but agree with one netizen who calls it a traumatic “from heaven to hell” experience – one we wouldn’t wish on even our worst enemy.

-Malaysian Digest


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