Man With Three-Foot Penis And Watermelon-Sized Testicles Reveals Joy After Surgically Shrinking Them (PHOTO)

A man whose testicles grew to twenty times their normal size can now live a normal life and start a family after undergoing life-saving surgery to reduce the size of his 11lbs testicles and three foot penis that had ballooned so much he couldn’t wear normal clothes.

Horace Owiti Opiyo, known as Forence to friends, was left with testicles twenty times the average size after a growth continued to get larger despite surgery to remove it.

The 20-year-old from Kenya first noticed a cyst on his genitals in 2006 and had surgery in 2007 but the growth came back and his penis grew to almost a metre long, weighing 5kgs.

Over time, Forence’s penis and testicles have swollen to almost a metre long and weighed an incredible 11 pounds.

For years, doctors were unable to diagnose Forence’s condition, which eventually left him unable to walk because of his testicles giant size.

He dropped out of school because of the condition and was later diagnosed with scrotal elephantiasis.

This can be caused by a mosquito bite injecting larvae into the bloodstream, which then grow into parasitic worms blocking the body’s drainage system and causing swelling.

The condition left Forence, who is from Kibigori, Kenya, in extreme agony and prevented him from living a normal life.

Unable to afford an operation he tried herbal remedies but to no success.

But now doctors at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital in Kenya have diagnosed him with scrotal elephantiasis.

Elephantiasis is caused when a blockage occurs in the lymphatic system – the network of tissues and organs in the body that help rid itself of toxins.

The most common cause of the condition is filariasis, a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms.

These parasites are spread by worms or mosquitoes.

It was only when his story was put on social media that he got the help he needed.

After being examined, surgeons at the hospital scheduled two operations; the first to debulk Forence’s penis and get rid of the excess mass and the second to reconstruct the penis and fashion it into a more usual shape and size.

Dr James Obondi, consulting surgeon, said: “We spared the nerves, we spared the circulation and we brought the shaft to its rightful size.

“I believe Forence is going to enjoy his life like any other normal human being.

“In three months he will be just normal in his functions and be able to do everything he wants to do.”

Doctors believe that Forence will be able to go on and have a normal sex life and even be able to have children, something he longs to do.

Speaking about the first time he noticed the cyst, he said: “This thing started very small, like a boil. Then it was the size of my fist.

“It just continued to grow bigger and bigger.”

Forence said: “I told my grandmother that I have been infected by a disease, but I’m not sure what it is. It could be a curse. I knew this was not God’s work, but the devil’s.”

He said: “I would really love to have children one day, that is what I desire.

“I was just happy to have the operation, I wasn’t afraid though.

“When I got up I was surprised that my body was so light. All the heaviness had gone.

“I’m swimming now. I couldn’t go anywhere near the water because of the heaviness of that thing.

“Now I can run and I can play football. Now I’m free.

“I’m trying as much as possible to build myself up so that I can have a wife.

“But the next step I want to take is to get an education.

“Who knows what will happen in the future?”

See the graphic before-operation photo by clicking HERE

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