VIDEO: This Wedding Invitation Has Gone Mega-Viral For A Very Bizarre Reason

One Indonesia wedding has caused an internet meltdown as one bigamist decided to marry two ladies at the same time and even sent out bizarre wedding invitations where he can be seen posing with both his brides-to-be.

According to the Indonesian news website Detik,  the wedding invitation is not a hoax at all.

Detik spoke to the head of Teluk Kijing Village, in South Sumatra, where the event is scheduled to take place. The man, Panser, said that he prepared the marriage certificates himself, and that the groom, Cindra, will marry each of his two brides in a separate altar call, on November 5th and 8th, and then host one big wedding celebration on the 9th.

Panser added that Cindra and one of his brides-to-be, Indah, are from the same village, while the other one was from a neighbouring community. The groom has apparently spoken two both women and their families about the unusual wedding, and they were all fine with the arrangement.

When asked whether this is the first time such a bizarre wedding is taking place in the village, Panser said: “In this village, there have been three times when a man was married to two women and held a reception together,” Praseng told Detik. “The reason is that they love each other and it has been agreed upon from the beginning, before the wedding.”

Check out the video below:

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